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My favorite holiday

I'm gonna go ahead and say this.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Yes, I enjoy Christmas, Easter and the Fourth of July but the simplicity of Thanksgiving is so unassuming and lovely.  There's no Santa, Easter Bunny, gifts, office parties or fireworks.  All Thanksgiving requires is a grateful heart, friends, family and a HUGE delicious meal.

The tradition of Thanksgiving dates back to a feast held among the Pilgrims and the Native Americans where they celebrated the bounty of their harvest.  These days, people just march into the nearest Publix and take for granted all the items so readily available to them.  Of course much of my own Thanksgiving celebration is indeed centered around "the meal" but when I step back and reflect on all the sweet blessings in my life, I begin to truly enjoy "Thanksgiving."

Now, in late October we begin to see retailers displaying Christmas decor and such.  I admit that sometimes I too am tempted to jump right into the Christmas season because it is such an exciting time of year!  However, I really try to make a point of fully recognizing and appreciating Thanksgiving before I even think about Christmas.  Doing this allows my heart to be fully open to the season of "Giving" and helps get me in a good state of mind as Christmas approaches.

Wishing you a full and happy Thanksgiving season filled with a million reasons to give thanks!

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