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What to wear to a Snoop Dogg Concert

It's Wednesday.  I'm supposed to go to the Snoop Dogg concert in two days.  Can you say fashion crisis? 

Worried? Who me?  Of course not, silly!  He's performing here in Nashville, home of country and western music and the Vanderbilt Commodores, my husband's alma mater.  Now if we were gonna see Snoop perform in Detroit or something, now THAT would be scary.  I'd have to pack heat and that just isn't a good fashion statement for me personally.

You're probably wondering what kinda business a thirty-something, stay-at-home mom has going to a Snoop Dogg concert.  Well, you see, I'm actually a HUGE fan....shhh, don't tell anyone.  My husband and I met at a house party the summer of '94 while dancing to one of Snoop's songs that is so degrading to women, it would make Rosie O'Donnell's head spin.  That was an awesome summer and everyone (even us country kids up in North Georgia) was listening to Snoop Dogg's album Doggystyle which had just been released.  My husband and I probably would have danced to Snoop Dogg at our wedding but that would've probably been inappropriate, right?

Of course when my husband asked me several weeks ago if I would like to attend Snoop's show in Nashville, I excitedly replied yes like a little school girl who had just been asked to the prom.  However, the last few weeks, I've been asking myself if it's really appropriate for me to go to a Snoop Dogg concert.  Hello!!!!  I have two kids...I'm a mom..I'm in my thirties.  After long, thoughtful consideration, I've decided that yes, I will go to the concert.  I mean Snoop and I practically grew up together!  When his career took off, we were both in our late teens and living life to it's fullest.  Actually, the more I thought about it, Snoop and I have a lot in common.  Here's the list.

  1. We both like dogs.  That was easy.
  2. We both like Gin.  Easy again!
  3. We both have a "molasses-like" drawl.
  4. We both married our high school sweethearts.
  5. We're both proud parents. 
  6. We both like the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  7. We both like to wear lots of bling.
  8. We both like parties.
  9. We both used to sell drugs.  (Mine were the boring and legal kind, his were the fun and illegal kind.)
  10. We both quit selling drugs to spend more time with our families.
See, we're pretty much the same person except I'm east coast and he's west coast.  I'm confident that if we lived closer, we'd probably hang  out on the weekends.  Maybe a few backyard barbecue's, play dates with the kids, stuff like that.  So anyway, now that we have all of that out of the way, can anyone help me with my fashion crisis?     


  1. Oh...and go to Macy's and get yourself some Apple Bottom Jeans, girl...its like "Guess" was for us in 8th grade!


  2. OMG! I just found this through you being featured on Poppy's blog! I laughed my head off! This is a wonderful post! Good for you, going to a concert of someone you love to listen to, even if you made a few heads spin!

    Following now!