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Maverick and Goose

The Blue Angels were practicing yesterday for the local air show and our house just happens to be in the flight pattern. When I was three months pregnant with my oldest, I actually climbed on top of our roof with my husband to watch the show, which was spectacular. I never get tired of watching them!  Talk about a dream job.

My oldest is slightly obsessed with the Blue Angels after our recent visits to the National Naval Aviation Museum.  We've been there three times now on our beach vacations and it never gets old.  He looks forward to the "airplane museum" more than the beach!  If you've never been or if you're vacationing on the Gulf Coast and have a rainy day, I highly recommend it.  It's amazing, very hands-on and kid friendly. Here are some photos from our last trip.

So, this last photo showcases who I refer to as my own personal "Maverick and Goose."  Doesn't my hubby look like a kid in a candy store?  He was being so gracious allowing Luke to take the pilot's seat.  I have to explain (and toot his horn) a second because he actually DID get an appointment to the Air Force Academy but turned it down for another opportunity.  However, that doesn't mean his dream of being a pilot is dead. For some reason a nickname that naturally came to me  for my oldest son was "Goose."  I've yet to start referring to my sweet husband as "Maverick" but I have a feeling he wouldn't have a problem with it.

These two are at the air show today having some daddy/son time while I hang here with the little guy.  For more information on the Blue Angels and their show schedule look here.

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  1. SP,
    Those little baby boys have the SWEETEST faces! So cute!