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Autumn Hike

Yes, I know this post title is misleading to those of you who personally know me. I confess, I am not the "outdoorsy" type.  It's not that I mind getting dirty or that I don't like being outside, but when it comes to being out in nature, I prefer to be within close proximity of running water, a fully equipped kitchen and my pillow top mattress. I don't like bugs or rodents and camp fires make me nervous. I could be Smokey the Bear's sidekick in a heartbeat.

But, there are times, like this past Sunday, when I do enjoy a leisurely hike where I can watch my oldest son explore the woods and appreciate the beauty in nature.  I love watching him take in the world around him!  My youngest slept peacefully in the baby carrier, enjoying the fresh air, not noticing a thing as I carefully picked up fading leaves whose shapes and colors were so uplifting.

While fall is a wonderfully fun season, all the activities can throw your system into stimulation overload.  There are times when my mind craves quiet and serenity and if that means resorting to spending time in the woods than that's where you'll find me...until I start planning pretty projects like this and this with all the things I picked up along the way!

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