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Tomato and Bacon Sandwich

Lunch.  Pure Heaven.  Garden fresh tomato, bacon and dill spread on toasted white bread.  So simple and so delicious!  To top it off, I ate it on the front porch under the newly repaired ceiling fan.

(A special thank you to my sweet husband for taking time to fix it this past weekend! xoxo)

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  1. Yes, not only an exquisitly simple and delicious sandwich choice, but eating it in this GA weather is Rich! So glad I happened upon your blog today. Nice to meet someone from here. Even tho I'm not native, I'm enjoying life here. Take care,


  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by. So nice to meet another GA girl. I'm from GA too, grew up in Marietta. Love your About Me! Your blog is really pretty too, the colors are great. Hope to see you around often!

  3. Thank you ladies! I'm glad you stopped by and I appreciate your kind comments. I hope you visit again soon.