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Summer Love

For most of my life, I've lived within 10 miles of the the Marietta Square.  However, I've never visited it quite as frequently as I did this summer.

My oldest son Luke developed a huge "crush" on the square which resulted in at least a bi-weekly visit this summer.  One week we went  Yep, five days in a row, in the blistering heat, with my 10 week old and my three year old.  It's free and more importantly, I like to support the local ice cream vendors.  I think we may have kept a few of them in business this summer.

Another local mom asked me, "What to you DO there?"  Well, that's one thing I adore about kids.  They make the simplest things fun!

 Here's how we occupied a few hours on the square or "train square" as referred to by my little man, Luke.
  • Toss pennies in the enormous water fountain.  Or, if it's empty, get inside and run laps, which I'm sure is illegal or something but we never got caught.
  • Snack time in the Gazebo, free of pesky, dirty pigeons.  Sorry Mary Poppins.
  • Visit the Welcome Center, located near the REAL train tracks, which also has a public restroom, rocking chairs and old ladies that love to hold small babies.
  • Make friends in the kid's play area equipped with a vintage train replica.
  • Perform a live, free concert or dance show on the Glover Park Stage.
  • And for us "housewives," watch cute lawyers exit the courthouse and eavesdrop on a first date compliments of eHarmony
  • Create a homemade Do-Rag for your infant so he doesn't overheat from being outside too long.

But wait, there's more to this area than just the simple things in life!  All joking aside, the Marietta Square really has been trying to revitalize this district for the past several years.  It still has a long way to go before it rivals the historic squares of Roswell or Decatur, but they're moving in the right direction.  There's now a variety of fun things to do such as art classes via the Marietta Cobb Museum of Art, "Brew with a View" at The Strand, live performances at Theatre in the Square and weekly wine tastings at Marietta Wine Market.

Being somewhat of a Marietta native, I honestly love that this area is gaining some much deserved attention.  There is an abundance of fascinating history and culture surrounding sweet little "Merry-etta."  Why travel downtown when you can check out some of these latest happenings?  Tell them "Your Southern Peach" sent ya and they'll probably look at you like you're crazy but hey, you never know!

For more events and happenings on the Historic Marietta Square District, visit there website

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  1. super cute! congrats on your newest baby. we aren't quite ready for the train, but i know it's coming. have a great weekend!