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Football, Fashion and Oatmeal Lace?

Football season.  Just those two words get me excited for the upcoming fall season. It's my favorite season for so many reasons, football being just one.  I don't have a strong alliance to one particular team other than the Atlanta Falcons.  I really just enjoy watching football! 

In regards to watching sports on TV, football is my favorite.  Baseball moves too slowly and the sound of squeaky basketball shoes drives me bananas.  I love watching golf, but only when I'm napping on the couch on a quiet Sunday afternoon.  Hockey's great in person but I can never follow the puck on TV.  Soccer's nice for the eye candy but that's really about it.

Football is high energy, aggressive and raw.  There's something intriguing about men trying to tackle each other while carrying around all that heavy gear.  (Make of that what you will.)  But there are other reasons why I love football and football season in general.  There's the food factor, there's the pre and post game festivities, there's the adrenaline rush of trying to sneak in a flask of liquor to a crowded stadium and of course there's the fashion.

No other sport has such extreme displays of fan fashion.  Some football fans even go as far as wearing a wedge of cheese on their heads!  I'm sorry but I would voluntarily be excommunicated from a state before wearing a piece of cheese on my head!  Leave it for the nachos.  I'm more likely to route for whichever team's colors better suite my complexion that week.  I know, I'm a fare weather fan.

That gets me to the point of this post.  Football, Fashion and  Oatmeal Lace.  This talented designer is a woman after my own heart, incorporating Football and Fashion!!!  I'm not the least bit surprised that she is a southern girl...  smart and fashionable. I've actually been a fan of hers for a while but when she recently started making stylish clutch purses inspired by collegiate colors, well I had to introduce my readers to her.  Whether you're a young college girl or seasoned alum, these clutches are a must for the upcoming football season.  You can see more of Oatmeal Lace Designs at her blog or more importantly, check out her shop on Etsy.  Tell her Your Southern Peach sent ya!

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