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We're all busy.  We all keep a calendar.  We all wish for more time to focus on what's really important to us.

If you're anything like me, the moment your day begins, you're out of the starting gate like the underdog at the Kentucky Derby.  My daily life is filled with constant chatter, noise and energy.  My yoga teacher would optimistically refer to this sound as "OM," or the sound of universal existence.

I'd like to say I meditate daily but I don't.  However, I like to stay grounded by planting little inspirations around my home to remind me of my values and what's most important to me in my daily life.  I hope you enjoy these photos and take some time to make your home a temple of daily inspiration.

A bowl filled with seashells, collected from various vacations, and a vintage cross sits on a dresser at the entrance of our bedroom.   It reminds me of our family beach trips and the Creator of it all.

Omamori hanging from my bedroom door.  The white one was a gift and is supposed to bring good luck to women trying to conceive.  The purple one I bought at the Meji Shrine in Tokyo and is supposed to bring you harmony and balance.

 I purchased this smiling Buddha in Shanghai.  I have no idea what the inscription actually reads but I know that Smiling Buddha's are associated with happiness, contentment and prosperity.  The small bag contains several little tokens that are explained in the next photo.  Both of these sit on my dresser.

 Coincidentally, I received all of these small gifts during a very difficult time in my life.  I had just miscarried for the second time.   Ganesh is known as the "remover of obstacles."  The Acorn is a symbol of patience, new beginnings, new growth and long life.  My husband received this fortune when we finally found out we were expecting again.  I took all these little "gifts" with me during my labor and delivery as encouragement.  I still look at them everyday to remind myself to never take life for granted.

This is a photo of the inside of one of my kitchen cabinets.  (I apologize for the horrible photo!)  I tore this page out of a Real Simple magazine a few years ago.  The caption reads, "Praise is like sunlight to the human spirit.  We cannot flower and grow without it." ~Jess Lair 
It's a daily reminder for me to praise my children and my husband.  

And finally, this is a plaque hanging right next to my front door as you exit.  (You don't really notice  it on the way in.)  I like to think of it as a blessing to all visitors who exit my home.  So often we focus on how we welcome our guests but consider what will be their last impression.

Do you have little inspirations you would like to share?  I love to hear your comments and ideas too.

Your Southern Peach

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