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Blue Mason Jars

Last weekend I finally got to slip away for an hour to go to a nearby antique market.  I was on the hunt for one thing.  Aqua blue mason jars.

Growing up, anytime I had dinner at my best friends house, we always drank from mason jars. (sweet tea of course)  It was a completely foreign tradition to me that I never quite understood but always appreciated.

John Mason, a tinsmith and inventor of the mason jar, was actually a native of Philadelphia.  I'm not for certain, but I'm guessing the mason jar was quickly accepted by southern farmers to preserve the abundance of their crops. As a natural progression, these charming and inexpensive domestic beauties became glassware for us southerners.

Well, leave it to the crafty  folks to make something out of nothing.  Check out these beautiful photos that feature simple and elegant ways to show off your pretty glass jars.  I love their casual elegance and vintage charm!

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  1. So....Did you find you a blue mason jar at the antique market?

  2. Yes, Ma'am! That's mine in the top photo..then I went back and got a few more.