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Casual & Patriotic Cookout

After my return from frolicking around Reynolds Plantation, I hosted my family for a fun, kid-friendly cookout to continue our patriotic celebrations.  My older sister and I agree that the fourth of July is one of our favorite holidays.  Personally I don't miss the gifts, imaginary figures and costumes.  Independence Day is something that every American can celebrate and all it calls for is a great cookout and some fireworks.  And for those of you who are true fireworks fanatics, Atlanta's very own Lenox Mall hosts the largest fireworks display in the Southeast, a tradition from the 1960's! So go ahead and start planning a trip down South to "Hotlanta" for July 4, 2011.

As you can see from my photos, I finally got my flag displayed after struggling with the rope for an hour last week.  Where are the boy scouts when you need them?  I found some kid-friendly tumblers at Target along with the beach cruiser napkins.  After dinner we let the kids light sparklers and throw Pop-Its, which was tons of fun!  My sisters and I were always forbidden with playing with any type of fireworks growing up, so this year, at the young age of 33, I threw my first fistful of Pop-Its and I must admit, it was liberating.

Our menu consisted of BBQ Chicken, grilled Corn with Chili Powder and Lime, Potatoes Au gratin, a garden fresh Caprese Salad, Cherries, Cupcakes & of course Apple Pie.  We also had some iced cold beer and  patriotic Vodka Martinis made with Rose's Blue Raspberry Cocktail Infusions and a splash of Grenadine.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend with family and friends.  I know I did.  Tomorrow I plan on visiting my local Publix stores to snatch up the remaining Pop-its.  They may come in handy during the Christmas season when someone takes my parking spot at the mall.

Your Southern Peach


  1. Your gorgeous photos sum up why the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays! Did it break your heart to cut into that beautiful apple pie??!! Love it!

  2. Thanks Jeanie! The apple pie was delicious so I didn't feel bad at all. Gotta have it with some vanilla ice cream on the side too.