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Front Porch Sittin'

In the south, there's an art to front porch sittin'.  The perfect porch involves a pair of rocking chairs, ferns, a ceiling fan and some iced cold sweet tea.  I've been thinking about giving my front porch a makeover for a while now and tonight I got to enjoy it in solitude during a perfect southern thunderstorm at dusk.  The rain was heavy, the lightning was fierce and you could feel the heaviness of the air dissipate as the rain fell.

It's been a while since us Georgians have enjoyed heavy rains so it's easy to rejoice over any amount of water we get from above.  I used to be terrified of storms, but now that I'm older I figure if God wants to hand pick me like that than I really don't have a choice, right?  Anyway, as I sat on my covered front porch enjoying the glorious storm, I was thinking of ways to improve it's appearance.  It has good bones.  It's already equipped with a ceiling fan, two rocking chairs, two hanging ferns and some cheerful red geraniums.  We use it often but I've somehow overlooked its decor.  It's a shame because it's the first room of my home you would see if you came to visit me.

So, I plan to give my porch a makeover very soon and promise to post some pics to follow.  In the meantime, enjoy these inspiration photos.  Wouldn't you just love to crawl up on one of these porches and watch a summer storm or sip on some iced tea?

Beautiful green shutters, rattan furniture, ferns and dark stain floors.  Photo from Southern Accents.

Love the whimsy and casual charm of the star chandeliers.  Photo from Southern Accents

Can you imagine having your morning coffee here?  Photo from Southern Accents

Of all the photos I found, this one most resembles my porch.  Simple and sweet but in need of something extra!

I love the contrast between the wood doors and the white trim.  Southern Accents

Divine.  Absolutely divine.  You can't go wrong with white columns and honey-colored rattan.  

Mmmm... a porch swing.  For a southern gal, it's the closest thing to heaven.  Photo from Martha Stewart

Clean and Simple.  I like the drapes to keep the sun from Country Living

For me, my front porch is a place where I can seek solitude, peace, fun, conversation or a simple breath of fresh air.  It does it all.  It greets visitors, it entertains my children, it welcomes friends and it provides a quiet place for me to relax.  Stay tuned for a porch makeover from "Your Southern Peach."


  1. The curtains on the porch is a great idea. Funny that my husband andy just mentioned he wanted curtains on the porch.

  2. Oh, my GA house has (yes, we still own it - thanks real estate market) a front porch, and on it I had a porch swing, wicker rockers and lots of pillows and plants and, of course, big old ferns hanging as well. I will miss that this spring as this new house doesn't have a front porch.

  3. Hello!
    I was doing some research on photos of ferns on porches and happened upon your lovely blog!

    Your newest follower.

  4. Where is MY front porch in all these pictures (and yours?)

  5. I am so glad that I found your blog! I am a former Yankee transplanted with my family in Texas and my do I have alot to learn on both Southern and Texas customs! I love this post about sitting on the front porch as an artform! Beautiful photos, thank you so much.